Carice MK1

If you just take away unnecessary things for long enough, you will get back to the essence of driving. The Carice MK1 is elegant, stylish and at the same time uncomplicated. This delivers electric driving in it’s most tough and elementary form. Of course, all our cars are RDW approved and for sale in The Netherlands since June 21, 2014.


Because the Carice MK1 is available from 350 kg including battery pack, the car has an exceptional sporty handling. Moreover, the power consumption is very low due to this weight. Therefore, the small engine brings a sporty ride with a good range. Very compact, yet big enough!


Custom made

Each MK1 will be built to specific requirements of the new owner. Each Carice is built differently and therefore the specifications differ from car to car. For example, there is a choice of the size of the battery pack and the motor.

A few hundred kilometers range is one of the possibilities. We would like to search with our customers for implementations which suit his or her needs. In addition, we look for the solution that keeps the car as light as possible.

Prices from €22,900 excluding VAT (€27,709 including VAT)

The first series already have been produced and sold. At the moment, preparations will be made for the new production series. It is possible to enroll on the waiting list. Please contact us.

A car for real die-hards

The MK1 comes without a roof, so it is a car for real die-hards. There is a tonneau cover available to protect the car from rain.



During the design and building, there is a lot of attention payed to detail. It is a tribute to all the wonderful characteristics that the automobile history produced, combined with all the wonderful techniques from the future. The result has not gone unnoticed. Carice won the 1st prize in the Rabobank Young Innovator competition 2013.


Photography by: light@work