Carice introduces....

Carice introduces: the electric “Carice MK1”

Since Juni 21, 2014, there is a new car brand in The Netherlands. In cooperation with Vredestein, Carice has festively and with great interest launched the car during the Concours d’Elegance at Palace Het Loo.

The MK1 weights less than 350 kg and delivers guaranteed a smile on everyone’s face.

Both the chassis and bodywork are fully developed and limited produced by Carice in the Netherlands.

Pure and stylish

A Carice is pure and stylish.

Thoughtful simplicity combined with advanced technology, resulting in a car with perfect handling and an extremely low power consumption.

The Carice MK1 is the realization of technology of the future in a classically styled jacket.

The toughness and simplicity of cars of yore
is back, but now with the benefits of electric vehicles!

Carice MK1 in the Rabobank commercial

The Carice MK1 is in the new Rabobank commercial. There is also an interview about the MK1 held with one of the founders of Carice. Curious to see the (Dutch) video of the MK1? It can be viewed below.

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